Leica issues T (Typ 701) firmware update

You know that the X-Pro 1 debuted at the same price, that the X-T1 sells for almost the same price in certain places, etc. and so on. Mirrorless is expensive. Leica have a name, a history, and a target customer. Most other companies compete solely on technology, and losing that edge, have nothing to sell because they have no target customer in mind besides: everyone on the planet and more and more sales. To be number 1!

And to do that, they have to sell cheap and bristle with ‘features’. There is nothing good about that system. It has leaked too far here in Japan where you can’t even buy a bathtub because you have to get an entire bathroom insert. Cheaper, yes, but wherever you go, from whichever company you purchase, you get the EXACT same thing for the simple reason: it is competition based solely on market share and price.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3752178278/leica-issues-t-typ-701-firmware-update