Lens Rentals Canada halts service citing ‘serious issues’ with Canada Post

I agree with you, Ron. Canada Post has an excellent reputation here in Canada and the rest of the world. To isolate one incident and have it reflect poorly on us is simply not fair.

All that said, it’s smart to always carry insurance on shipped items of value. When I sell something through Ebay, for instance, I insist that the buyer buys extra insurance (usually only $1 for $100 coverage) no matter where in the world it goes. I’m sure that LensRentals has the same policy — they’d be fools not to. I’ve never had a mistake happen, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it can’t happen to me.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/1838830154/lens-rentals-canada-halts-service-citing-serious-issues-with-canada-post