LensRentals tests Lomography’s Petzval lens

It was good for about 60 years until the Tessar was introduced. That was >100 years ago.


N.B. I am not against old things per se as I am quite an antique myself, and, last time I used film, it was processed in Rodinal, a developer about as old as the Petzval design. I can’t understand how this design was, in any way, “ahead of its time.” It seems to have been right on its time.

It was dreamed up, kisckstarted, designed and produced by a company which has described its products as toys.

I would like to play with this lens, but I would not use it regularly for a subject or event that was important to me.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/7392760769/lensrentals-tests-lomography-s-petzval-lens