Less is more? Fujifilm X-T10 review

How does the “substantial resolution discrepancy” mitigate pleasing JPEGs exactly? 16MP may be below the resolution other camera companies are using, but so what? It’s still plenty of resolution for most folks.

And I talked a lot about how good the OOC JPEGs are, but in no way does this review approach the X-T10 as a ‘point and shoot,’ or refer to using it in such a way. In fact, I spent quite a few pages discussing manual settings and controls.

The difference in price between the a6000 and X-T10 is valid, but for our purposes, with prices changing daily in various regions, we use the launch price as our baseline.

Clearly you’re in the Sony camp, and that is fine. While the two may have scored similarly, keep in mind, we gave the a6000 a gold award, and the X-T10 a silver. So you at least have that to hang on to.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2021437708/less-is-more-fujifilm-x-t10-review