Lightroom 5: Everything You Need To Get Started In Real Estate Photography

LR5It’s been a month since Lightroom 5 was released and I have to say I really like this version! In previous versions of Lightroom my inclination was to take a round trip to Photoshop to straighten verticals that were any more than slightly out of vertical because I was just more comfortable with vertical straightening in Photoshop. But with Lightroom 5 I rarely leave Lightroom to straighten verticals! There are a few situations where Upright in the Lens Corrections panel gives unexpected results but for me it is fairly infrequently.

There are only a couple of reasons now to leave Lightroom 5 to get common real estate photography edits done:

  1. Intensive cloning: If you need to remove some object from a photo it’s hard to beat the Photoshop clone tool and content aware fill. 
  2. Sky replacement:
  3. Manually blending multiple images:

I would go so far as to say that a beginning real estate photographer can get by with just Lightroom 5 because the three things above that Lightroom 5 doesn’t do are things that beginning real estate photographers are less likely to do than experienced real estate photographers. I find myself removing things I forgot to move while shooting (#1 above) all the time, but rarely need to do #2 or #3. I’m going to practice doing more cloning with Lightroom 5.

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