Lightroom 5 Tips – Hidden Gems

Lightroom_iconAdobe Photoshop Lightroom instructor Julieanne Kost goes over some of the lesser known, yet less exciting features and some Lightroom 5 tips. If you haven’t upgraded from Lightroom 4 yet this will be a little preview. I would personally highly recommend that you do upgrade to LR5 if you haven’t yet.

Some of my favourite LR5 new features are:

  • the Radial Filter
  • that the heal/clone tool is paintable now and not just a dot
  • the auto correct for perspective to correct buildings and tilted images
  • the BOOK module is greatly improved for ordering Blurb books
  • Smart Previews which I didn’t think I’d have a use for but have used a few times now

What are your favourite new features?

Do you have any other hidden gems that aren’t covered in this video? If so please share with us in the comments!

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