Little, Improved: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 review posted

please consume less of your stuff, whatever you’re using – it’s kinda joke, m43 is in no way competive to normal APS-C Sony sensors:

At everything, DR, Lowlight Score, ColorDepth, ISO performance…m43 looses with flying colors. 😉

The only great thing about m43: many good native lenses, compared to the current E mount lineup, and smaller lenses, bodies – in all other ways: it’s way inferior to APS-C.

And – i do own also a m43 G1 with 14-45 lens, it can’t match a middleclass Sony or Nikon sensor, but i do use & kept it just for one reason: it’s way small, a point where m43 just excels, compared to APS-C/DX and FF, because of smaller sensor size, and therefore smaller lenses & bodies.

My G1 is way handy into a small bag when i’m riding my mountainbike, for the suddenly shot – therefore it works very well.

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