Lomography seeks crowd funding for new production of Petzval lenses

Funny, LOL; but couldn’t you buy a “gazillion”(tm) plastic fantastics; for the price of one of your “real” cams? I’m not saying, that you don’t have a good, quality-point; but wouldn’t the same, effective thing, happen to you, and if your camera fell into the creek? What if someone murdered you, for it’s cost? …..[Wait for it]….. LOL!

Hmmm. I don’t even like Lomo (…very much. I can mess up my sharp shots. :0 ). Perhaps I should. Perhaps, “real” photographers need to work with a “handicap”.

Are we growing; as a photographer, or do we have acquisition syndrome? I’d better shut-up; because I think, I have some AS to confess myself. NAS, CAS, and FAS OAS. LOL! Perhaps we should all just PASS (less gas). ..and since, we all will pass, and all to soon, perhaps we’d better take some pictures, and with what we have; while the manufactures go, and hunt a clue. Let them sit on the store shelves; until they stop going a half step forward, and two steps backward.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/07/25/lomography-kickstarter-petzval-lens