Looking Back At 2013 And Looking Forward To 2014

NewYear2013 was a great year here at PFRE: The PFRE blog traffic grew about 10% to just under a million visitors (960,000) in 2013. The blog is now read in 201 countries although mostly in the US, CA, AU and UK.

The top ten posts in 2013 were:

  1. Wide-Angle Lenses For Real Estate
  2. Choosing Gear To Get Started
  3. What Should You Charge?
  4. Using Lightroom For Time-Lapse
  5. FAA Says US Airspace Is Closed to Commercial UAVs
  6. Interior Lighting With Multiple Strobes
  7. My Formula For Pricing Real Estate Photos
  8. Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos
  9. Creating Your Own Job In Real Estate Photography
  10. The Arithmetic Of Real Estate Photography Pricing

The release of the second edition of Lighting Interiors was a big 2013 accomplishment for Scott and I and my son Ian who helps me with editing and proofing.

Looking/Planning Ahead to 2014:

I have a number of new projects in the works for 2014:

  1. Updating The Business of Real Estate Photography e-book. I’ve already started this.
  2. Updating the Photography For Real Estate e-book.
  3. Monthly Google Hangouts for e-book (1 & 2 above) purchasers. In the last couple of years I’ve done a number of one-on-one phone calls with people starting up their real estate photography business. I’m planning on expanding this to a regular google hang-out discussion where we discuss and answer questions on business startup in small groups. This kind of thing seems to be very helpful to people getting started.
  4. More extensive use of Twitter. PFRE readers give me links to articles everyday that are of interest to all readers, but, don’t always warrant a complete post, so I’m going to be using Twitter to pass along those links. To get these links, and info follow @pfreblog.

I’d like to thank everyone that has so generously participated in making the PFRE community so useful for people getting started in this business. This is a great community, and it gets better every year and the great bunch of helpful participants are what make it so great.

The PFRE blog is starting it’s 11th year in 2014. 2004 and 2005 is no longer online (it used to be at blogger.com), but 2006 and 2007 is still online (just for historical interest) at larrylohrman.wordpress.com and the rest is here at photographyforrealestate.net.

Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous new year!




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