LumoPro LP605M: A Light Stand That Can Morph Into a Monopod


Yesterday, LumoPro released the LightSwitch: a flash case with the ability to morph into three different light modifiers. Continuing on the theme of “multi-purpose gear,” the company has also just launched the new LumoPro LP605M light stand, which boasts the ability to convert into a monopod whenever needed. Standing at 7.5-feet-tall, the LP605M is aimed at location photographers looking to lighten their load while on the move.

Industrial designer and photographer Eric Au helped to design the compact light stand, its fluid chamber, and its mounting adapter for capturing smooth video. If you plan on mounting your flash unit to the stand, there is no need to purchase any additional accessories: the LP605M includes an adapter “for seamless transition from mounting a speed light to mounting a camera.”


The LP605M weighs 3.6 pounds and features a collapsed height of 23 inches without the adapter attached. When extended, the tripod stand can reach 7.5 feet, and the monopod can reach 6.4 feet. To switch from the tripod mode to monopod mode, simply fold up the tripod feet as usual, and then fold out the smaller monopod feet.

LumoPro’s LP605M is built of lightweight, sturdy aluminum and features metal locking collars, five sections, and four risers. The tripod feet feature built-in ground spikes while the monopod feet are covered in rubber to ensure grip. The unit includes a standard 5/8” top with 3/8” thread.


For more information on the LumoPro LP605M, you can visit their website by clicking here. The stand itself is now available for $75 from authorized retailers.

(via Lighting Rumours)

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