Man breaks own World Record, now owns 4,425 antique cameras

So from what I read on the comment, you must remember to use the flash indirectly, pointing to the ceil instead your subject, especially when you have nice white ceil and walls 🙂

I just need one camera for my work, and this is actually a D300, that I plan to change for a D300s when it will fail, but seems it’s totally indestructible! I use it since 4 years now, it’s totally dependable and nearly every shoot is perfect.

And I have another camera for everyday’s photography (maybe the most important part for me), it happens this is a X100s, but that’s not that important. What does matter is that I know it more each and every day, and use it more and more efficiently, and nearly every shoot is perfect too.

It’s fun to have so much camera, but I didn’t understand the point…
I think you’d better focus on one, or maybe two great cameras, to know them, to be able to take the most of them…

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