Meet New York City’s Top Real Estate Photographers

NYCphotographersTim Wilson pointed out this article to me from back in January of this year in a New York real estate news site.

The author, Andrew Klappholz,  says:

In recent years, a new niche industry has exploded within the real estate industry: listing photography. With the advent of digital photography and growing international interest in New York City real estate, more and more brokers have turned to professionals to shoot their listings rather than taking the photos themselves.

I found it very unusual that the article interviews the photographers,  but doesn’t link to their websites. This is a typical old-school newspaper attitude, that if you link to another site readers leave and don’t come back. So I’ve done some research and located all these photographers sites. To me most of the interest in featuring photographers is looking at their work in detail. So here they are:

  1. Evan Joseph
  2. Nico Arellano
  3. John Porcheddu
  4. Michael Weinstein
  5. Richard Caplan

So if you shoot upper-end real estate in New York City these guys are some of  your competition.

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