You’ve been reading their articles for months or years, have you ever wondered “Who are the photographers who write for dPS”? Today we meet Alex Smith, another of the newer writers brought on to dPS last year.

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1.) How long have you been shooting?

I have been shooting for the past 7 years in some way, shape or form.

Self Portrait-17(sRGB-websize)2.) Do you have a full time job or are you a full time photographer?

Photography for me is a hobby that has gotten out of control. I am not a full time photographer and spend my days as a member of one of the scariest, most fear-inducing professions in the world. I work as a dentist.

3.) If you had to limit yourself to one genre of photography, what would it be and why?

This is a tough one. I really enjoy all aspects of photography and love to push myself into the different genres as I find I always learn something new. If I had to limit myself though, it would be to conceptual portrait/fashion photography. I love pushing my own creativity and it is a blast to come up with an idea and see it through to the final image. Not to mention you get to meet a lot of great people with which to collaborate and create.

4.) When did you start writing for dPS and why?

I am new to dPS as of Oct/Nov 2012. I applied to write for dPS because I feel that I have learned a great deal from the site. I wanted to be able to give back to the site by contributing and communicating what I have learned to others. Also, I hoped to be a good motivational factor and example for all the other self taught hobbyists out there that are working hard to learn photography.

5.) What do you shoot with and what’s your favorite lens?

I started with a Nikon D80 and moved to a Nikon D3s a few years ago. Really, my favorite lens is whatever is on my camera, but if forced to choose it is likely the Nikon 24-70 mm f/2.8. It is extremely versatile and I find that it is on my camera most of the time.

6.) What would be your number one tip to any new photographer?

My number one tip to anyone starting out in photography is not to let fear rule you. This is a craft and skill that takes time to learn and you should approach it as something that you will be continuously learning more about. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, try new things and get out of your comfort zone. You have to practice and make errors to get better and you can’t let all your blunders stand in the way of your progress. Just remember that all photographers start at the same point…the beginning. Don’t be ashamed of your skill or progress and just continue to work at areas you feel you need to improve.

7.) What’s your next big project?

Currently, I am working on a series of themed or conceptualized portraits in collaboration with a local make-up artist. I have been getting into more styling and planning with each shoot and am excited to see where these shoots are heading.

8.) Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?

You can find out plenty about me here on dPS and also at which is an ongoing project that I am trying to develop with a colleague. Also, I am on Twitter as @shutterhogs and my portfolio can be seen at

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