Michael Wolf offers a new perspective on Hong Kong’s high-rises

Even fewer leaves in Tokyo. Asia really isn’t happy with its nature. Where there is nature, put a fence around it and make people pay to enter. That, or advertise the hell out of it so that a nice nature hike trail entertains as many people as a small city.

I’m sick of living here for the reason that people and walls and concrete are really all that exists. Yes, there are aberrations: Hokkaido, Northern China, etc., and so on, but overall, Asia is simply nasty… unless you just love millions upon millions upon millions of people, and noise and cars and pollution and the dominance of human over its environment.

I live in Tokyo, a city with more population (in its metro area) than Canada, than Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark put together. Japan has a high enough population that if its density was spread across Canada, Canada would tip the scales at over 4 billion people.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/26/michael-wolf-offers-a-new-perspective-on-hong-kong-high-rises