Misho Baranovic: 50 lessons I’ve learned about mobile photography

We love this 50 Things I’ve Learned About Mobile Photography List (and iPhone Photography) by Misho Baranovic, an accomplished mobile photographer and Connect contributor. You’ll find some universal truths in there and maybe a few things you disagree with, but Baranovic’s list is guaranteed to get you thinking, and laughing, too.

We have a few favorites from the list:

Foodies should pay close attention to #10: 

10. Remember, a hot breakfast tastes better than a cold breakfast looks.

Are you guilty of this potentially dangerous move? 

17. Don’t edit and cross the street at the same time.

Yes, breaking the rules is a good thing:

29. Learn to use a rule of thirds grid then learn to live without it.

And, perhaps, the best one of all:

3. Taking a photo is much more fun than liking a photo.

Which ones are your favorites? And what would you add to this list? 

Source Article from http://connect.dpreview.com/post/1296150410/50-things-misho-baranovice-had-learned-about-mobile-photography