Modular concept camera captures photographer and subject simultaneously


It’s not uncommon for photographers to feel much more at ease behind the camera rather than in front of it. Duo, a concept from Chin-Wei Liao, a Korean design school graduate, aims to transform the person behind the lens into photographer and subject simultaneously. Each half of the Duo is an individual camera. Assembled as one unit, pressing the shutter will record and an image while capturing a picture of the person using the camera.  

The Duo concept camera consists of two imaging modules. They can operate together or as separate imaging units, each able to remotely trigger the others’ shutter.

The most obvious application is the ‘selfie,’ the quick self portraits popularized by the rise of front-facing smartphone cameras and apps like Instagram. More interesting is the Duo’s capability to function as two independent-but-still-linked cameras when split into its two units. Each contains its own shutter button, lens and LCD; firing the shutter on one camera remotely triggers the other, capturing two images at once. Both images are saved side-by-side as the final product.

Designer Chin-Wei Liao created the Duo concept as a graduate project at the Royal College of Art, in London. For now, it’s just a prototype still tethered together by wires, but it’s an interesting idea. Let us know what you think in the comments.



yay… another silly concept.


They still not discovered usage of scotch adhesive tape!

What else they invent after scotch tape discovering?
A hammer with 2 heads? (If electronically drived second hammerhead beat you while you smash nail)
A scothched dual pensil that writes 2 strokes simultaneosly?
A gun that shoots at you and the enemy?
A cup for tea and coffee same time?


Selfie with a context: the idea is interesting, instead foodies or selfies on “social” websites, we will have foodies+selfies at the same time, a great step forward 🙂

Should I add that’s something a simple Android or iOS application could do for free, instead buying these “boxes” ?

Leandros S

That application already exists or at least was announced at one stage.


Must be a smoker


The guy holding the camera has a small chip in one of his thumbnails, plus his cuticles are not only ragged but desert dry. And what’s up with the yellow tinge of his fingernails in the first place?

Random Asian Guy

I think this makes a much better idea for self portrait and everything around them.


Thoughts before reading the comments below:
Hmmmm neat “concept” can’t really see it taking off but at least the guy was thinking differently about photography- not that we need to think differently about it just for the sake of it.

Thoughts after reading the comments below:
Hmmmm neat “concept” can’t really see it taking off but at least the guy was thinking differently about photography- not that we need to think differently about it just for the sake of it.


My thoughts after reading your comment, Carl (with all due respect):
“Hmmmm neat “concept” can’t really see it taking off but at least the guy was thinking differently about photography- not that we need to think differently about it just for the sake of it.”


I guess this will fit in perfectly for the insecure Facebook narcissist that can not get enough of her/himself.

Personally, my favorite books, movies and photos are the ones where the author, director, artist disappears…leaving the medium for us to enjoy.


The concept is great if they make this thing affordable and wireless and sell the “second” unit a little cheaper perhaps. That way you can buy one main unit and several side units that you can position anywhere.
I bet people can do some very interesting things with that.


I think the writer has uneducated background on ASia.
Those names are not Korean. It may be Taiwanese just like
below comments mentioned.

The Jacal

Of course, the journalist must be uneducated, like any other journalist who says Muhammad Ali is American. Sheesh.


Yes, the dude is from Taiwan. But why bash the writer for his unfamiliarity with Asian names? My original guess was that he would be Chinese.

“the ‘duo’ camera by taiwanese designer chin-wei liao splits in half, and integrates synchronized triggers to capture the moment.”

The Jacal

reginalddwight: It’s got nothing to do with unfamiliarity, I’m sure the journalist was working from info he/she was given, not guessing the nationality based on a name.
I guess it’s lucky that Yaphet Kotto isn’t starting out in the camera industry.


@The Jacal, You may be right. This reminds of the recent incident of a San Francisco Bay Area television anchorwoman who read the supposed names of the Korean-run Asiana Airlines pilots responsible for the crash at SFO. The racist names turned out to be a massive joke pulled off by a summer intern.


You’d better consider “journalists”, in many websites, press as well as in TV channels, as “speakers” or “rewriters”: they are no more journalists, in the way that they don’t search for information themselves and don’t double-check them.

At the very least, they have a pool of people that look for informations, without double-checking, and usually it’s press releases that just are rewritten…


I also think that if he evolves it so that each camera can show a preview of both views, that would be pretty cool.


I think the self portrait idea is pretty pointless. But the idea of being able to easily aim two or more cameras at a subject from different angles and capturing an image at a precise point in time might be useful.


Stereo, maybe. But, seems to me, if you just want a picture of yourself and your subject, you can stand in front of a mirror. Or how about this…you take a picture of somebody and when the shutter closes, both your phones ring and you discuss the photo.


This really IS the narcissist culture to end all narcissist cultures…


I agree. I never understood the desire for taking so many pics of yourself like some people do (especially on FB).

b craw

I have a(n) MFA and have been teaching both digital and film photography for 10 years at the university level. It never ceases to surprise me how many in the photographic community are ill-tempered and close minded. It is part of the reason I am apprehensive to call myself a photographer despite nearly all my work ending in a photograph.

While I am capable of seeing the lack of practicality or need in various photo contexts of this technology, I can envision some applications for particular conceptual work. But asking some photographers to think conceptually – beyond technical masturbation – may be a bridge too far.

[i suppose I should acknowledge my own ill temper here.]


And asking professors to demand technical proficiency instead of conceptual fantasy might be yet another bridge still further.
I guess that would require a PE rather than an MFA


“Design” students!

Bless ’em.


very good for 3d photography


So, in addition to the already bad selfies everywhere, we’ll now also have photographers taking selfies every time they take a picture. Are we sure this is something we wish to unleash on the world?


I just LMAO when i read this. I agree.

The Jacal

So it’s basically two cameras with a wifi link.

Reminds me of the Blackadder quote, Lord Percy: “only the other day I saw a horse with two bodies and two heads” Blackadder; “Two horses perhaps?”


A camera like this must be the devil’s work, surely, so we’d better get the witch smeller Pursuivant on the case…


Like & double-like. The most pertinent comment, bar none.

David Elliott Lewis

The Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone is already implementing a similar feature with its dual mode video capability. It simultaneously combines its front-facing camera and its rear-facing camera feed for a combined image. It can be shown either picture-in-picture, top and bottom or side by side.


And yet there are free apps that can already do it.

Ulfric M Douglas

Who wrote this copy? Sack ’em
“pressing the shutter will record and an image”

What has journalism come to? Oh the horror.


Go outside.

b craw

Such petty commentary…please. Yes, do go outside.


Umm, I don’t think he’s Korean (name isn’t Korean), and his website doesn’t mention graduating from a Korean design school…

Where exactly did that factoid come up?


Yeah, pretty sure he is Taiwanese.

The Jacal

Which factoid? It doesn’t say that he graduated from a Korean design school, he is Korean and graduated from a design school.

Frode Hegland

This is very cool but you can do this with any smartphone already. I made an app called Flipic which takes a picture of both the subject and shows it as a 3d ‘card’. It’s not on the App Store yet. Maybe I should put it there… 🙂 is the site.


“graduates” have such pie in the sky, lofty ideas until the reality of the business work hits them.


Replace the words graduates with young people and business with old age.


I love it when older folks criticize youth’s desire to innovate. Sure, this might not be a good idea (although smartphones do have this feature already as others have pointed out), but, please, don’t mock their ambition and creativity (no matter hwo silly it might be). If it were for people like you, we would still be fighting lions around a fire because that was the BEST way to live! 🙂 Wait, who was the idiot who “tamed” fire? Now lions know where we are? 🙂

b craw

This generalization says more about you than them.

b craw

That was directed at RedFox88.


Ha! So wrapped up in the social fun use, the developer seems to have missed the stereoscopic use. One of the early comments in Wired mentions this.


Oooh, we had to see this! Connecting two cameras to take images by one shutter release! Maybe one candidate to get Nobel Physics Price 2014?


Peace prize. You got to have merit for Physics


neat….but i dont see the point

designer who shoots photos 2

Seems to me there could be some interesting prospects if one introduces a second person to wield the second camera. Team photography. Plus documenting the documenting could be cool in many instances, especially in photo journalism.


An answer to a question nobody asked.


Doesn’t the Galaxy S4 do something like this already?

Bob Meyer

Yep, nothing new to see here. Move along.


Photography world has not seen something this revolutionary since the lytro cameras.

OK3 Fotos

Mssimo how can I contact you I got a question about what you posted


Sure, PM me

Bob Meyer

Except for the Galaxy S4, which does this, too.

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