Monkey photo copyright in question as Wikipedia denies photographer’s takedown request

This is a popular misconception by bloggers: they think that they have the right to copy anyone’s art, just because they found it on the internet, which is very far from the truth. The copyright stays with the creator, no matter who published it on the net, unless the copyright owner has sold the rights outright.

Did Slater offer a banana in exchange of the camera, one wonders?!

Evidently, copyright law isn’t totally up-to-date when it comes to pictures taken by machines (like a camera onboard a RC plane), animals, or whatever.

There have been many cases of animals, like gulls carrying off GoPros, that unknown to the thief have recorded the event. Who owns the copyright of such an image?!

In the case of the monkey, it is evident that he/she has an understanding what he’s doing, thus is the photographer. An elephant, triggering a trail camera, can hardly be called a photographer, but who owns the copyright?!

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