Monkey photo copyright in question as Wikipedia denies photographer’s takedown request

If you park your car at a Walmart parking lot, and while in shopping, a meteorite falls on and destroys your car, your first instinct may be to sue Walmart (the thinking goes along the lines of, “I just lost my $20k car… that’s not fair; someone has to pay for it; Walmart should pay, they have enough money). However, it would not be Walmart’s fault.

The moral of the story is, sometimes in life bad/unfortunate things happen that aren’t any person’s fault. You just have to accept the blows you are dealt. Mr. Slater is mad because he spenyt all that money to go on a trip, and his only good photo wasn’t one of his own. Tough luck!

The reason this is important is because according to Mr. Slater, thre are no cases whereby a photo is public domain! If a human takes the photo, that human owns the copyright; however, if a human doesn’t take the photo, then the human who owns the camera owns the copyright. Either which case, the photo is copyrighten.

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