More of a good thing: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II review posted

i own this camera since 4weeks,
before, i had the canon s90 and s100….. the IQ ist superbe!
the pocketability is perfect, at the last photo-job i did the most pictures with the rx100 and not with the canon 7d or 5dmk2….. the lens at 1,8 is very sharp, and in low light, the rx100 rocks…..

BUT: i am very unhappy with the playmemory app, because it is not possible to change programs, setting the focus-point, choosing iso and so on….. i do urgently hope, that sony will do a much more professional app for remote-controling the rx100II, maybe they will do, because of the new wifi-sensor-lens-camera for smartphones which has the same sensor and lense like the rx100II …..
and: i am not shure, if ACR (latest version) renders the raw-files properly, in higlight or shadows, the values behave a little bit strange, compared to other raw files for example eos 7d or 5dmk2…..

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