National Geographic photog shoots the Southwest US with Nokia 1020

This issue always comes up, the one of being that you’re only as good as the tools you use. When you also consider that skills matter, and where do they fit? It’s really not a blurry line.

How many of you have shot a great image on a DSLR, only to hear others comment along the lines of “Well, yeah. That’s a big camera, of course.”? But shoot something great with a pocket cam or phone and it’s “Man. He’s got the skills.”

Let me tell you something, it was always about the skills. You see, I could do a lot of things with an iPhone, but I have to admit that there are much better tools that accomplish those same goals, and then some.

So, while vendors would like you read these kinds of articles and think about the phone, the real hero is Stephen and his skillful application. Bravo to you, Sir.

-Keep Shooting

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