Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK

Never. I had my bank cards near working MRI machine, nothing happened to anything. Mythbusters did an experiment about cards and magnets, and that was busted: you have to have VERY strong magnet to ruin modern cash cards. I tried that myself with 30’000 Gauss lab magnet (which is enough to stop your anti-magnetic Swiss or Japanese watch and drive nuts many other things, although it’s nearly not the strongest magnet I messed with) and own active card. Nothing happened to both, magnet survived, card survived. Anyway, if you ruin your card, you just call hotline, claim it lost and your bank issues another, often for free, sometimes for $5-10. And, by the way, proper cards these days have chip, which is ignorant to any magnet you can possibly meet in your life… at least if you not deal with guys who use super-strong magnets in scientific purposes (I did, that’s how I got my hands on that strong magnets, otherwise no chance).

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