New PocketWizard PLUSX Recently Released – How Important Is Price?

PWPlusXThe Pocket wizard PLUS X was just released not to long ago. The PLUS X has fewer features than the year old PLUS III. The single most noticeable feature appears to be the $99 price. This is cheapest trigger that Pocket Wizard has made. Mike Kelley did a review over at David Hobby also reviewed and liked the PLUSX. I’ve added the PLUS X to the trigger table and reader poll.

I found what was the most interesting aspect of both reviews was the reader comments there were a couple of interesting themes that kept popping up in the comments of both reviews:

  1. Many commenters noted that the Yongnou RF-602′s and similar triggers that were a fraction of the cost of Pocket Wizard PLUS X and they found them rock solid.
  2. A couple of commenters pointed out that Pocket Wizards were made in the US, and they would gladly pay a higher price to support a company that did it’s manufacturing in the US.

I think the PLUS X is a move by Pocket Wizard to better compete with all the Chinese made triggers. It’s really tough to figure out if this new trigger is worth many times the cost of the Chinese made ones.

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