Newspaper protests strict photo contract by sending a cartoonist to a Foo Fighters concert

Hypocrites for sure. Not only Swift. This has been going on for years and years. In the mid-90s, I was assigned to photograph a White Zombie concert. They told me no photos. The manger of the arena was an acquaintance. He lead me in and let me take photos of the concert anyway. I covered many, many sports and entertainment events on a regular basis there, and he wasn’t going to let them get away with it in a publicly funded arena. The local newspaper has a right to cover what was there.

Also, Rob Zombie sucked.

Another time Tom Jones was there, and I was not allowed to photograph from the front of the stage. (Didn’t want to see his wrinkles, or let the underwear women were throwing at him to hit me I guess.) I was allowed to shoot from up in the seats behind and to the left of the stage. I was happy to. I got a great shot of his pot belly.

There were plenty who were great. REO Speedwagon, Terri Clark, Statler Brothers, etc.

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