Nifty Fifty: Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R First Impressions Review

Not so sure of the new 5D… Megapixel is great, but image quality is utmost important to me, to see that their press are comparing this to 7D Mark II, simply definitely is a turn off, even the image quality of 7D Mark II is not even that much better than the first one. To be the owner of the original 5D, 7D, 1D 4 and 1DX, I can say that even 5D 3 wasn’t even good enough, so when they are comparing the 5 series with a 7, really doesn’t sound good. They need to do better, rather than inflate the resolution. Ever since Nikon introduces the D3, the landscape changes, Canon has been playing catch up ever since. Although the 1D Mark 4 and 1DX manage to close the gap, they still have plenty to do. I think Canon is releasing this new 5D, not because they want to, this new camera is not really the next 5D, its just bloated version of it, to let Nikon know they have something in equivalent. Canon needs to get its sensor together, I am hoping to see it on the next 1D, and the 5D Mark IV.

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