Nikon 1 J5 and Samsung NX500 added to studio test scene


I’ve developed the two RAW’s using exactly the same parameters:
– sharpening set to zero
– CNR set to zero (default: 25) – that is, I’ve applied absolutely no noise reduction. (In ACR, LNR already defaults to zero, as opposed to CNR.)

With the NX500, I’ve overridden ACR’s +1 tint (to zero; the same as the default for the NX1). This wouldn’t have changed anything WRT to noise, though.

The exported (developed) results of the NX500 are significantly noisier than those of the NX1, developed, again, in exactly the same ACR version and using exactly the same parameters. That is, it isn’t the difference between ACR8.x (used by DPR to develop the NX1 RAW) and ACR9 (used by DPR to develop the NX500 RAW) that caused the vast difference in the studio comparator.

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