Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the latest models in the COOLPIX series with the launch of the COOLPIX A100 and A10 compact cameras for reliable and fuss-free photography.

Nikon COOLPIX A100: Life in Colour

Compact and simple, the A100 introduces handy features to capture and frame holiday adventures and special family moments with ease. The first camera in the new 2016 COOLPIX line-up features a reliable NIKKOR lens capable of 5x optical zoom to snap photos of scenic landscapes and fun group shots, plus a 10x Dynamic Fine Zoom* for impressive, detailed close-ups.

 coolpix A100

COOLPIX A100 Key Features:


  • 5x optical zoom, plus 10x Dynamic Fine Zoom* for impressive and detailed close-ups
  • Remarkable image and video quality with 20.1 effective megapixels** and HD movie recording in 720p format
  • Target Finding autofocus with face detection and subject predictions technology
  • Scene Auto Selector smartly selects the most appropriate scene mode from 15 options for convenience and the best results with every shot
  • Eight Special Effects options to choose from during shooting
  • New user-friendly creative slider for Glamour Retouch helps make image-editing after shooting more intuitive and even simpler
  • Slim and compact, the A100 measures 94.5(W) x 58.6(H) x 19.8(D) mm, making it both comfortable to hold and nifty for daily shooting on the go


Availability: Late January 2016


Pricing: Please Refer to Australian Authorised Resellers for Local Pricing


Available Colours: Silver, Black and Purple


For more information visit:


Nikon COOLPIX A10: Memories in a Snap

The A10 balances functionality and fun for users looking for versatility and value in a camera. Made for all ages, it ensures great image quality and easy shooting with a 16.1 effective megapixels** CCD sensor and a suite of intuitive features.

coolpix A10


COOLPIX A10 Key Features:


  • Image creation is supported by a 5x optical zoom, high-performance NIKKOR lens and blur-reduction function
  • 16.1 effective megapixels** CCD sensor
  • HD movie recording in 720p format
  • Scene Auto Selector function allows users to optimise their shots with the most suitable scene mode
  • New Special and Quick Effects for greater creativity during and post-shooting
  • Measuring 94.6(W) x 59.4(H) x 28.9(D) mm, the A10’s compact size and easy-to-hold grip ensures comfort during shooting


Availability: Late January 2016


Pricing: Please Refer to Australian Authorised Resellers for Local Pricing


Available Colours: Red and Black


For more information visit:


High-resolution images of all Nikon products can be downloaded from:


* Dynamic Fine Zoom magnification is calculated from the full-wide end of optical zoom. Dynamic Fine Zoom refers to the areas in which the camera can zoom while maintaining resolution from the maximum optical telephoto zoom position.


** Image processing may reduce the number of effective pixels


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