Nikon D4s studio samples added to first-impressions review

I see allot of comments about who needs 400.000 ISO, because no one would ever shoot using ISO that high, but I don’t think these people get what ISO really is, but I compare camera ISO to a guitar amplifier, and if you turn a guitar amp up to 10 you can hear the buzzing of the amp, and maybe the buzzing starts at 4 but gets strongest at 10, but with a sensor when you turn it up to 10 witch is the highest ISO, you can see the noise the most, so with a guitar amp, the more powerful the amp is, the less you need to turn it up to get volume out of it, so you get the volume with out hearing the buzz, and with a camera sensor, if it goes up to a higher ISO, it’s the same as a more powerful amp, it means that at 12800 ISO it isn’t working as hard to amplify the sensor, so at 12800 ISO it’s going to have less noise than a sensor that only goes to lets say 24.000 ISO, or 200.000 or so on, so in theory if the sensor went up to a million ISO, maybe 12800 ISO would look like the noise of ISO 500

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