Nikon D750 flare investigated: Why we’re not worried

Sorry, it’s bad news…period.

This “recall” is an expensive exercise, no matter how anyone tries to spin it.
They are paying for shipping both ways for my D750.

Also for the inspection, adjustment/repair, calibration and testing.

Plus the stock swap of the entire retail distribution channel.

This significantly erodes if not completely eradicates an already thin profit margin on the body.

Nikon, like most if not all manufacturers, makes more money on lenses and accessories.

Problem for Nikon et al., in my opinion, is alternatives such as Sigma/Tamron, stealing a good portion of the market for the higher volume lenses.

We’ll see, time will tell; however, I cannot see much if any good news in this for Nikon. And I really like my D750… a lot.

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