Nikon D810 Review

Nikon D810 Review not good

Nikon’s Media Team sent me the Nikon D810 to review for them.

They told me Nikon is desperately trying to compete with the iPhone and Samsung camera phones.

So this is a no fuss, quick and simple, non technical review for the average Joe Blow in Australia to understand.

I will share my experience on the D810 as I take it out of the box and start shooting.
I am not going to rant on about all the changes made to the D810, and how different it is to previous models.


Forget wasting your precious time trying to take great photos using your iPhone 8 plus or the Samsung Galaxy S8… they don’t even come close to the Nikon D810.
First of all,  all mobile phones do not have the necessary hardware to take great photos. Don’t let their advertising fool you.

Try this, take any cell phone and take a picture in total darkness. Let me know how that works out for you.

Now below is a photo I took tonight using the Nikon D810 in a pitch black room with no street lights or moon shining in.

nikon d810 in total darkness

Here is another shot I took in my backyard, in total darkness again. I was hearing my dog walking on some fallen leaves close to me, so I just pointed the camera to where I thought he might be.

Just look at how the Nikon D810 managed to spot the leaves, focused on them, and taken the shot.  Show me a camera phone that can do this.

The Nikon D810 is so intelligent and has all the necessary hardware and technology to pull this off… like most Nikon Cameras do.

The Nikon D810 would be a must for anyone, except for those that like low light photography.

The Nikon D810 has noise issues. Lots of grain in images.

I have updated the Firmware. Made a lot of changes to settings without any luck.

To overcome the grainy noisy photographs in RAW, I had to make sure to keep ISO setting no higher than 2500.

You really created a dog with this one Nikon Australia

The LCD preview screen has a stuck pixel… all you see is a yellow dot on the screen.

The AF (auto focus) Assist light doesn’t work.

The Exposure Meter is faulty. Wind the Exposure compensation up or down and the meter is all over the place.

I decided to take a drive in my car. One hand on the steering wheel, and the other holding the Nikon D810 pointing it outside the drivers window.
I sped up to 100 kms an hour, and started shooting at what I was passing… and again I couldn’t see what I was shooting , because I was looking at the road in front of me.
Not a great day for shooting, but it still turned out amazing at 100kms an hour.

And again, another shot taken randomly while driving at about 80 kms an hour.
Try doing that with your camera phone or any other camera.

Do I need to keep taking more photos to show you how amazing this camera is? I don’t think so.

The Nikon D810 is simply amazing. From the moment I took it out of the box and held it, it just felt nice in my hand.

Nikon boasts that this camera is 30% faster.. and I can now tell you how true they are.
The lightening fast auto focus, tracking things like flying birds to shoot, and quick firing is outstanding. I also just love the whispy smooth sound of the shutter firing.. it is so much quieter than other models. I haven’t even bothered putting it in quiet mode yet.

I was even surprised at how fast transferring RAW Large file images onto the SD memory card was.

late afternoon overcast low light using the nikon d810 .

You can make big ass large resolution photos all day long with this camera. It just keeps wanting more and more.
The D810 is such a multi purpose camera, you can also make smaller size images and still look fantastic. It’s basically like two or three cameras into one.
When you decide to print out your photographs the quality will make your jaw drop… providing your ISO setting is not above 2500.

The sharp, high resolution, crisp photographs are just so worth it… when ISO is under 2500… otherwise they are grainy looking and full of noise.

I can make a very large billboard to cover a whole city block with this camera’s large format and resolution.

All the controls and settings on this camera are so simple to use, a child could use it. I didn’t even need to read the operator’s manual. Anyone’s mother or father can use the Nikon D810.

When you go into the menu, there are many settings and options for you to tweak and play around with. You can also change the controls to do different functions.

Lets not forget at the amazing videos the D810 can also take. This model boasts the wide voice sound when taking videos, so it sounds amazing.

late afternoon overcast low light using the nikon d810

The Nikon D810 was a piece of crap compared to my old Nikon D7000 that took much better images.

Nikon seem to be making less quality cameras but expect you to pay premium prices for them.

No wonder people are moving on to Sony Cameras instead.