Nikon Df real-world samples gallery

No wonder, with the resolution and pixel pitch of an 8 mpix aps-c sensor. When you compare the old Fuji S5 and you used that compared to any 10 to 14 mpix sensor in that time, the Fuji won it at high ISO. In 2007, it made 1300 ISO clean in detail, while D200 and D300 could not hold the distance with it. In some way this is an up to date low resolution sensor, and if camera manufactureres would concentrate on 10 to 14 mpix in APSC and bring cameras with such good high ISO values, they would sell them, condition is a fair pricing, not a fancy Nikon Df one for sure. I still use my Nikon D40, and if I see how good and clean the 6 mpix draws, it is questionable why Nikon does not do a remake of that sensor with the same good high ISO capcity than this one. At 1650$ for the body, I would have ordered a DF right away, I do MF only anyway, except on D40 that I use for tourism with the sigma 30/1.4

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