Nikon Df review: A classic remade?

Removing the rear display would terrify broad swathes of the camera-buying population. You’d be entering seriously niche territory with a move like that.

But since you asked, Adrian, the purpose would be to cut out all chimping, forcing you to look up, engage with the world, and keep shooting until the opportunity disappears or you keel over from exhaustion – because you won’t know if you’ve got the shot. The hope is you might end up with two good shots by working like that.

With a display on the camera it’s almost impossible to keep shooting once you’ve got a good shot. You feel your job is done. Here, listen to an expert talk about it:

Fully manual operation is much less radical, and such a camera might gain a cult following among luddites, hipsters, artists, gearheads, and anyone with the grace to admit they’re ill at ease in the 21st century.

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