Nikon Df test scene samples added to first impressions review

The Df seems to be back-focusing.

In RAW, the easiest way to see it is by looking at the text in the center “As with you, also with us”. With the other 16 mp APS-C cameras like the X-Pro1, X-M1, K-500, the Canon 700D, and m43 cameras like the GM1 and GX7, even the Nikon 1 J3, that same text is rendered in sharp focus.

Only the text from the mis-focused EM-1 RAW files is softer (note: switch EM-1 from ISO 100 to ISO 800, to see the text properly focused with the EM-1).

I know that DPR works hard on these Df studio samples, but something is up with the focus accuracy.

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