Nikon issues statement on rumored D600 / D610 swap-outs

If true, that would be an awesome move by Nikon and certainly -finally- showing genuine commitment to their customers. At the very least it would give some substance to the term. In fact this might, to some extent, serve as some remediation to the damaged image (no pun intended) that Nikon lately had inflicted on itself by its own actions and inactions. Although the dust and debris problems with the D600 were, according to many researchers, grossly blown out of proportions -the “internet amplification effect”- Nikon’s clumsy (non)response to it was even more damaging.

As photographer and reviewer Thom Hogan recently commented: Nikon has a big PR problem lately, and that does more damage long-term than most seemed to realize.

So it might also indicate that some are waking up to this in Nikon management, instead of resting on their (still) ample laurels.

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