Nikon reveals 70-300mm telezoom and 10-30mm powerzoom for 1 system

The current DX 55-300 isnt as well constructed, has a plastic mount, and to use it on the 1 System requires the additional FT-1 adaptor.. The 70-300 includes Nano coated, Super ED, Metal construction and doesnt require the FT-1.. I think the 2x price is justified. No? .. and comparing the FX 70-300, its around 590 + 200 (for FT-1) around 800.. so.. the actually price for the 70-300 1 system is 200s more.. If you already have this setup, then getting the new lens is pointless in my opinion.

But if you dont have the 70-300 and FT1.. it looks like a good deal.. and it has a tripod mount to boot.. I like this new offering.. but not the 10-30..

edited again.. tripod mount is optional accessory.. hmmm

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