Nikon USA addresses disappearance of D750 from retailers

@String – While my research did not lead to the quote you attributed to Thom (Hogan, I assume) I will take your word for it. However, since I did not experience the “alleged flare” issue, and not all users reported, nor perhaps 50% of users reported the Flare issue, why would Nikon do a knee-jerk reaction?

It seems to me that Nikon perhaps gathered then analyzed the data and acted accordingly. Since I do NOT own a D750, I don’t know what steps Nikon took WITH those who bought and registered D750.

As a Nikon owner since early 1960s, I was somewhat skeptical of Nikon’s [eroded] ability to put durable, reliable, high-performing precision top-grade product as I came to expect and experienced. The action that Nikon took assured me that Nikon will do what is right to gain my confidence and retain my business.

My local dealer allowed me to “kick the tire” by taking shots in the store and outside. I did not see evidence of flare issue.

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