Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism finalists announced

As usual these capture the moments where a certain expression has nothing to do with reality, but rather the emotion the photographer tries to express. If a person has a certain look, he too often chooses that photo and thinks it expresses the situation of the population in question.

Emotion in photography should in my opinion have no weight, what photography does if done correctly is documenting the facts, not twist them and make people draw conclusions of a certain second in a certain war that could take years. Its the experience of suffering that is bad, you can only capture part of it, the emotions are not to be taken in pictures.

For example, everyone who has been ill knows that taking a picture of themself does not explain how they felt during that illness. If you however got blue or pale, thats where photography comes in handy, to bring out the truth, not how your lips or expression was during a certain time of the day.

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