Nikonos reborn? Our first impressions review of the submersible Nikon AW1

Yep, slide film was notorious for being low in exposure range. But we managed, regardless. And yes, us old Nikonos shooters used flash almost every time. 🙂 (Although I could never afford a Nikonos, not even a salt-worn III – I had to make do with a Sea&Sea. But the thought was there. 🙂 )

I’m sure the camera will be a bucketload of fun for snorkelling and jet-skiiing and such, but a Nikonos it ain’t. Not even close. I’m not saying that the camera won’t be good (within its limitations), I’m saying that DPR invoking the Nikonos myth burdens it with a heritage and expectation that it cannot live up to, which, I think, does the AW1 a great dis-service, before it even gets a chance to display what talents it may have. And I really hope that Nikon don’t make the same mistake, as that will kill the whole concept before it even gets going.

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