Nine State Legislatures Moving To Restrict Drone Use – More On The Way

In yesterdays post, when I predicted that there would be more states to follow New Hampshire, little did I realize there were already eight other states that had legislation in work to restrict UAV use in some way. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Eighteen states are considering bills that would limit the use of unmanned aerial systems, and more are likely to follow suit.

The most restrictive bill in work is right here in Oregon. Oregon’s Senate Bill 71, if passed would make possession of UAV a Class B misdemeanor punishable by 6 months in jail! Whoa, I need to get downtown to my local State Senate and try and talk some sense into these people.

If you live in Oregon please have a look at and sign the petition to Oregon Governor Kitzhaber and key Oregon Senators to protect the rights of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle enthusiasts and commercial operators. Also, pay close attention to what’s happening in your state or country. This kind of thing is going on all over.

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