Nokia device division may become ‘Microsoft Mobile’

“Sony was early in the game, as well as HTC witch was a 100% pure smartphone maker, and the funiest part a Windows Mobile one, and Asus too (even if Asus is not the top), but they understand that WP is not the way to go.”

Well, they all switched to Android (from Windows Mobile / Symbian) years ago. Nokia didn’t want to offer Android headsets – unlike those manufacturers. The reasons are well-known (to be the most important – practically, only – manufacturer in the WP area and not having to directly compete with low-cost Chinese manufacturers etc.)

Too bad WP doesn’t really appeal to people wanting to tweak their phones (Android, Symbian, jailbroken iOS) – heck, you can’t even record calls on the thing. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t gone the 1020 way but “stuck” with my JB’n iPhone 5 + 808 combo. And it doesn’t have many apps

And Nokia made other mistakes too; for example, they haven’t released a true successor of the 808. (None of the WP handsets are, image quality-wise.)

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