North by Northwest: Sony Alpha 7R II real-world samples from Portland

Detail in the landscape shots shot with the Batis and 70-200 is excellent, edge to edge. Yes there’s a bit more noise than I might have expected but so much depends on the exposure and processing it’s unfair to make any judgments as yet.

As always, these gallery shots are a useful insight into what the camera can do in certain usage scenarios. I do wish people would stop criticising DPR for not covering every possible scenario. Just think of all the variables – different light levels, a range of apertures, range of shutter speeds, range of focal lengths and lenses, hand-held or tripod, low light/bright light, landscape, portrait, city, street, event, sports, jpeg, raw etc etc…. and then trying to make every image a work of art. It just isn’t possible. Give them a chance to finish the job, be grateful for what we get, and if what you want still isn’t covered, put in a polite request.

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