NYT offers a look at ‘hometown’ across the U.S. through the eyes of teens

I think for many art forms/mediums, the idea/vision and the technical go hand in hand. I consider one or the other incomplete; sketches if you will.

Mastery involves the ability to utilise the technical aspect of your craft in pursuit of your goals.

For a beginner, I think there are going to be people who approach it from different points of view. Photography is inherently technical which is also why it tends to attracts more of the analytical of mind. It is both an art form and a craft and as such requires both.

When one has less, a person is forced to utilise what he has. When one has more (equipment), he’ll likely need to learn that technical first. As you said, somewhere, eventually they will hit the balance between technical and art.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/09/24/nyt-offers-a-look-at-hometowns-across-the-country-through-the-eyes-of-teens