Olympus announces Stylus SP-100 superzoom with dot-sight

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Olympus has introduced the Stylus SP-100 superzoom, a camera with a built-in dot-sight that enables you to easily track moving subjects while the lens is zoomed in. The dot-sight pops up just above the high-resolution electronic viewfinder. To make long zoom focusing easier, the SP-100 also features a focus limiter, which lets the user choose what distances the camera searches. The SP-100 combines a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor with a 24-1200mm 50x optical zoom that captures 1080/60p HD video. Eleven creative art filters are also available in camera and be used when shooting movies. The SP-100 will be available in March. Estimated street price is $399.99.   

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The SP-100 Is the First Camera with a Built-In Dot-Sight* for Easy Framing, Electronic Viewfinder, Improved Grip and Refined Controls for Outstanding Telephoto Results

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 29, 2014 — Olympus introduces a breakthrough in its Ultra Zoom camera line-up with the new STYLUS® SP-100, the world’s first-ever camera with a built-in dot-sight*, enabling you to easily track moving subjects, like a soccer game or a flying bird. This technology will allow you to record smoother videos and will help you to not lose sight of your subject. Once the subject is still, then you can frame and shoot. The dot-sight combines with the SP-100’s newly developed 24-1200mm** 50x optical Ultra Zoom lens, or 2400mm 100x Super Resolution zoom, for capturing detailed shots of moving, distant subjects.

The SP-100’s dot-sight is mounted just above the built-in high-resolution, 920,000-dot, bright LCD Electronic View Finder and helps the user keep the subject in the frame by offering a wide-angle view of the scene on its semitransparent mirror. The dot-sight stows away for portability and pops up immediately to easily track any subject without the need to adjust the zoom, so the shooter never has to miss another image by having to retrace and compose. Olympus carefully designed the location of the EVF and the shape of the eyepiece for minimal contact between the photographer’s face and the camera body, giving even greater ease of shooting.

The high-performance optics combine with a 16-Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and a next-generation TruePic VII processor to get the very best out of every shot, regardless of lighting conditions or subject movement. The SP-100’s powerful lens shift image stabilization mechanism significantly reduces camera shake even at the highest zoom. Image stabilization is also effective in the Super Macro function when approaching subjects as close as 1 centimeter, even with the 50x optical zoom.

A new focus-limit button lets users focus only in a set range when turned on, and focus only in the distance when set to off. The SP-100 is also equipped with an AF lock feature and manual focusing. A full range of shooting manual modes (P/A/S/M) is also available for customization of exposure parameters like ISO, shutter speed and aperture via the sub dial. The deep grip provides optimal handling during shooting, while the quick-response, single-finger-operation control dial optimizes fast shooting when using the high-resolution electronic viewfinder. The camera includes an additional zoom lever on the left side of the lens, enabling users to hold the camera securely like a DSLR for left-thumb operation of the zoom while operating the shutter button with the right index finger.

The SP-100 captures video with natural motion in smooth 60p recording at 60 frames per second in full HD (1080) and high-speed recording (HS120fps with resolution of 640×480, or HS240fps with 320×240). The Multi-Motion Movie image stabilization compensates for blurring that occurs when shooting video while walking or panning across a scene.

Users can add additional creative expression through eleven available Art Filters that can also be used when shooting Full HD movies. The optional Toshiba FlashAir™ card connects the camera to a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or PC to easily import, view and share images.

* As of Janaury 29, 2014

**35mm equivalent

U.S. pricing and availability

The Olympus STYLUS SP-100 will be available in March, 2014.

Estimated Street Price:

$399.99 (Available in Black)

To find out more about the SP-100, and for a complete list of specifications, visit the Olympus website.

Olympus Stylus SP-100 specifications

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Olympus Stylus SP-100



Looks like the best of 50x cameras, and the only one with decent EVF. 60x Panasonic FZ70 still has better lens – both wider and brighter.


Samsung Post a bridge camera and you get endless comments on its sensor size, Olympus make a bridge camera with the same sensor size and no on seems to notice!!!??


You cannot read, can you?


A couple of years ago, I obtained an Xtend-a-sight mount and put a red/green Tru-Glo dot sight on it for my Canon EOS bodies. Works fine for fast acquisition of moving long shots. 🙂


Ulfric M Douglas

Fabulous, genius!
Those who already use red-dot sights for aeroplane photos should test this ASAP, I hope it works as well as it looks.


Sight should be easy enough to build as an accessory-shoe add-on, e.g. a simple flip-up wire frame & back-sight, like the one on my 1910 Roussell plate camera.

Ben O Connor

Very nice design. But such small sensor? The cam is already over half kilo.

probably, todays physics does not allow further range with bigger sensor above 500g. !

Gordon W

No RAW, no deal!


This is styled like an F-117 fighter jet and then it comes with a red dot sight. Coincidence?

Roman Korcek



Why are superzooms not coming out with bigger sensors, say, 2/3″ instead of the normal 1/2.3″. Ideally priced at about US$550-600 and having a fixed focal lenght zoom ( f2.8) of 25-600 mm. That would be a good camera!


Because its because of the sensor size they can make the zoom so large. Sony are the only ones who have put a bigger sensor in and they couldn’t even get it over 10x optical (200mm) and its priced at £900!!! madness. at the moment its technologically impossible to make a fixed long zoom with big sensor


There laready is one ultrazoom with 2/3 sensor (Fuji X-S1), but did not make big sales. The reason is that ultrazoom (let´s say 25-600 mm) with this sensor size would need considerably big lens. The X-S1 is just as big and heavy as a mid-sized DSLR. Imagine it has constant aperture lens: it would be even bigger; who would buy it instead of DSLR? What advantages woud it have?


I’ll use it as a scope for my airsoft rifle. Nice idea, Oly!


This is a camera no one needs but some will want.


That can be said about alot of cameras.


I wish the super zoom category had never been invented.

Mister J

Not quite sure why… my Pana FZ is a lightweight all-in-one working tool that has a terrific lens range (especially at wide angle) and captures decent images. Matches well with my iPhone, though not so hot for sports action – but that’s not my thing, so no prob.


Been awhile since a superoom Olympus had PSAM-the SP- series before the 590UZ had it last.


The dot-sight feature seems unusual. We’ll have to see how well it works in practice.

Compared to the Stylus 1, there’s no constant aperture throughout the zoom range. And the styling is bit OM like.


I use a red dot and green dot on my FZ200 and love it. Its calibrated to the center focus point, but also works with with multi point too.


No raw, bummer.

Hubertus Bigend

Right, too bad. Alongside DSLR and CSC, I still use an Olympus C-7000Z/C-70Z, a roughly travelzoom-sized compact with 7x zoom, optical viewfinder and RAW mode, introduced ten years ago, because I couldn’t find anything worthy to replace it for a long time. Only lately Panasonic, on the other hand, started to offer some compacts I actually might consider to buy one of (like the FZ70, but more likely the ZS40/TS60 or the LF1).

Vinc T

Where are the pictures of this interesting camera?
OK, the Olympus website, OK!


All over this page…. move your eyelids in a vertical position.

Vinc T

Can I start a web page from bottom up? I didn’t know that! 🙂
They were not there! You posted 12 minutes later than I did.


You can almost “shoot” with it, interesting.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/01/29/olympus-announces-stylus-sp-100-superzoom-with-dot-sight