Olympus highlights the issues faced by ‘DSL-Arm’ sufferers, and claims to offer a cure

My OM2n with its 35-105mm “kit” style lens weighs as much as any modern APS-C Nikon!! Two of them with the aproppriate lenses in their bag weigh me down, terrible.Never wear a camera bag or camera on one shoulder, though, as most “pros” do, stupid.
Every pro knows how bad for you carrying a bag on one shoulder is. Commonly colleagues would wind up at osteopaths, because you need to wear the shoulder bag across your torso, with the bag in front of you .Using a heavy DSLR this way works wel,l as when not actually taking photographs , if you have your optic-pro style strap at the right length to match the bag, the bag supports the Dslr on its top.
Work out the zoom ratio of a 36MP sensor relative to an APS-C sensor enlarged the same way, and you will discover that the image created with the big sensor is a lot larger, and has greater resolution using the equivalent zoom lens.
Or use an FZ1000!!

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3604218896/olympus-highlights-the-issues-faced-by-dsl-arm-sufferers-and-claims-to-offer-a-cure