Olympus updates OM-D E-M1 with electronic first curtain ‘anti-shock’

As one who had a big problem with shutter shock on my first EM1 body (quickly exchanged, thanks to understanding people in the shop) and slight issues in my current body, this is good news. BUUUUUTTTTT …. I thought the camera already had this feature? What is the option in Menu C, at the bottom, for “release lag time: short”? I found it made a significant difference to the occurrence of shutter-shock but destroyed battery life. It also makes a difference to the shutter sound.

In the absence of real knowledge of what is going on, I tend to think this new option is actually what Hubertus Bigend (!?!) has suggested below, that the “0” second anti-shock is the same as the other shutter delay options but just a few milliseconds, to let the shutter-induced vibration die away, which seems brilliant to me.

Either way, this is great news because that has been the one issue which soured the camera for me. Otherwise, I am finding the EM1 an absolutely fabulous photographic tool.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/31/olympus-updates-om-d-e-m1-with-electronic-first-curtain-anti-shock