OM-D on a budget: Olympus E-M10 First Impressions Review

I have not heard anyone suggest the E-M5 would be dropped, except now. No, the E-M5 won’t be dropped, being the mainstream product that most of us will buy, not too basic and not too specialised (and expensive) like the E-M1. It is the OMD model that Olympus relies on for volume sales, the bread and butter model. What I think is that the E-M5 replacement will have some features that are not even in the E-M1, e.g. a new sensor with better IQ. The E-M1 will still be the camera that has PDAF and the ability to use 43 lenses, which it can do better with its bigger size and weight. It will still be the one for action shots, etc but it is an expensive flagship that won’t sell so well. Olympus is known to put features that higher (and older) models do not have, as shown in the E-P5 (vs E-M5) and also right here. So, don’t worry, the E-M5 replacment will be the best yet for the average enthusiast who do not have such special needs, e.g. to use top quality 43 lenses.

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