Oppurtunity For PFRE Readers To Beta Test A Order Management System

PerlMarketingLaurent Perrier, a long time PFRE reader and real estate photographer in Montreal, contacted me today to tell me about a real estate photography order management system that has built for his business that he is going to start selling to other real estate photographers. Laurent’s system is in beta test right now, and he’d like to have some more hardcore real estate photographers help shake it down and give him feedback.

Here is Laurent’s description of the order management system:

  • Create an order: You can create new orders manually or add an order form to your existing website. Clients have the option to pay by credit card. Clients get a professional email confirmation.
  • Rates: The system supports different rates and also allows to add “extras” on a per order basis.
  • Take the appointment: When you set an appointment, it gets added to your calendar (integration with Google Calendar). Calendars are updated automatically if order information changes. Orders can be assigned to a team.
  • Deliver the photos: When a new order is created, a folder for that order is automatically created on your computer (integration with Dropbox). To deliver the photos to the client, simply copy the high resolution photos to that folder and you’re done. The photos will upload in the background. Once it has finished uploading, the system will created a zip file with the high resolution photos and create low resolutions versions as well. A professional email will be sent to the client with a link to download the zip file, a link to a preview slideshow and the low resolutions photos as email attachments.
  • Invoicing: Along with the photos, the client will receive a professional invoice automatically. Invoices between photographers and agencies are also generated automatically.
  • Get paid: If the client pays with a credit card, the credit card gets charged automatically (integration with Stripe) and the money is deposited in your bank account. Payment between photographers and agencies can also be handled automatically by credit card.

As of right now it requires a free account with Google, Dropbox and Stripe to work properly, although these might become optional in the future to speed up set up.

Because stripe.com is used for the credit card processing this beta test offer is only for readers in the US and Canada. Apparently Stripe with be expanding to Europe in the future. Apparently they are not in AU & NZ sorry mates.

Laurent is offering PFRE readers a 20% discount which is $.99 per order. If you would like to take advantage of this offer contact Laurent at email: pfre at perlmarketing.com.

For those that try Laurent’s system and like it be sure to let us all know by posting a comment here.


Source Article from http://photographyforrealestate.net/2013/03/20/oppurtunity-for-pfre-readers-to-beta-test-a-order-management-system/