Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 compared to Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

I agree on this too. On the 4k deal and “very few people” have the TV for it…think back to the old days of video when full HD was new. I think a lot of people may have said that same thing. Now, it would be nice to have that full HD video from 5-10 years ago vs the SD. When i doubt, that 4k can’t hurt.

However, there are MANY things of the RX10 I greatly prefer. Some of them include: f/2.8 all the way, exp comp dial (I hate cameras that don’t have this), threaded shutter button (so I can use my soft releases), step-less aperture for video, aperture ring like a camera should have IMO, audio monitoring….those are the big ones for me.

Then again, Panny has advantages too. I’m NOT a fanboy of either…I’m more of Fuji guy. I have the RX10 and have owned a Panny GF1/GH1 and still have my LX5.

They are both great for what they are. Neither is a slam dunk vs the other. They will both appeal to different users. For me, right now, the RX10 is it for the above mentioned.

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