Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 Sample Images

Good up to 87mm, definitely soft at 155mm. Skin tones tend to look posterised at full size. Most shots I looked at were ISO 100 f/5.6. Stopping down might help at the tele end, but if higher ISOs don’t keep up, it might be a camera for bright daylight – as the samples and other commenters suggest. I assume the lens narrows down to f/5.6 quite early. f/4 at 11mm is sharp. I tried downsampling to half size (to just under four megapixels), and I’ll say at that size and ISO 100, most won’t notice the skin tone flaws unless they know what they’re looking for. ISO 400 (polar bear) looks good at 1/4 size (1 MP), ISO 1600 (bouncy castle) you have to take for what it is – acceptable for documenting personal events but not for your portfolio.

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