Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 real-world samples

“There was absolutely no reason to stop down that far in several of the images.”

I assume you’re referring to the passing vintage car shots, and there is a reason I stopped down that far. It was an insanely bright day, and wide-open I was getting shutter speeds in the thousands, approacing e-shutter territory, which would have had rolling shutter issues. Plus, fast shutter speeds would have just produced a static shot of the car where even the wheels are sharp. While perfect for pixel peeping, I don’t think it makes a very compelling photograph of a car passing by. There’s no motion, no action. It’s just a car and a road. I was kicking myself for not bringing an ND filter for this reason.

Treating it like a full-frame is just speculation. I figured because I was shooting 4/3 at 16MP the impact of diffraction wouldn’t be as severe as a full-frame camera, meaning the shot would still be acceptable, and would have a sense of speed to it, which is what the whole weekend was about.

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