Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 and Sony Alpha 7S added to studio comparison

The GH4 is superior to its very capable sibling FZ1000. Its autofocus is better, for one thing. It also has more features. The FZ1000 doesn’t have touch screen, a headphone jack, etc.

As for 4K, 4K capture is better for 1080p output than mere 1080p capture, not only because of the cropping, zooming, and stabilizing options but also because of the Nyquist Theorum. To make the most of 1080p, you need to sample twice the information (UHD). The GH2, even hacked, can’t resolve as much detail or give as much color information.

It’s possible that, for a given set of needs or preferences, the GH2 and FZ1000 are solid alternatives, but it’s not the case that the GH4 is redundant or overkill.

It’s weird. Panasonic puts out a $1700 camera that puts most cameras under $10,000 to shame, and there’s STILL someone around to complain it’s not a good value. People. -_-

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